Live Recording Special


If you don’t have a CD out these days, you’re really missing out on a great source of income. Even if you look past CDs and look at straight digital downloads, there’s still a market for your music, and the ability for some extra cash flow. (You can’t buy new gear with love...) If you’re not interested in the income boost, the exposure of having your audience take home a piece of you and spreading the word is invaluable these days. If you don’t have the million dollar budgets to hit the big studios (and how many of us do?), then we have something just for you!!!

We are offering a special deal for all of the Levitt AMP Ocala Music Series performers! We are offering to multi-track record your set that we will edit down to one 45 minute live CD. We will mix and master your project so it will be CD ready with a very short turnaround time starting at $500!!! (Most likely just a few days) Yup, you read it right... All you have to do is sell 50 CDs and the the project will start paying for itself!

Do you have a studio or one that you work with often that you would rather have do the editing and mixing? We can multi-track your set and transfer all of the tracks to your drive for only $200!

What’s more, we’ll help you secure licenses from the Harry Fox Agency if you’re doing covers so you can keep everything legal.

Email us today and we’ll explain everything to you need to know and get specific to your performance!

*Limited time only. Certain restrictions apply. Contact Us for more information.

(up to) 90 Min. Recording, 45 Min. Mix    $500

(up to) 90 Min. Recording, 90 Min. Mix    $700

(up to) 90 Min. Recording No Mix            $200