Click on a topic to see a collection of tips, advice, history, opinion and maybe even a little knowledge of a variety of areas related to the music industry. Understanding the industry you’re working in is key! Over time this section will expand with future topics including Touring, Record Labels and more!!!

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Going to a recording studio is a great experience, and usually a feeling of forward motion for an artist or band. Understanding what to expect from the studio and how to properly prepare for it is crucial, and will save you time, money, aggravation, and will land you a much better product.




Songwriting is very personal and different for everybody. The best piece of advice I can give is keep an open mind. There are many ways to get your point across to the audience musically. Make sure that what you write has the most impact on the audience as it can.




When you perform, what sets you apart from all the rest? There are a lot of acts and bands out there. Do you have a great stage presence? A gimmick? Really ‘out-there’ arrangements? Take a look through here for some ideas on how to put together a better show.




As much as lighting can help set a mood or create a special effect, it can also be distracting or if you’re not in the right place, you can be left in the dark.



Contracts And Riders

There are a variety of contracts that you will come across as a band. It is essential that you find and hire an Entertainment Attorney to give you advice on what you are entitled to and what’s fair. This section is only going to briefly discuss a couple types of contracts and riders. This is not meant to be used as legal advice.



Understanding Music Positions

Understanding who does what in the music industry is extremely important. You need to know who to call on, who to direct your questions to and who to get you your coffee.



Building The Band

Being in a band is fun, musically gratifying and the worldwide dream. How do you do it, and how do you make it successful? Although most bands fail and breakup, there are still a lot of opportunities to be able to make it!